Get Involved

The Audio Production Team serves the pastors and worship team, the congregation, and the visual production team.

The Children’s program is designed to train all children and youth to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love as Jesus did, so the world will know we are His disciples.

At Bread of Life, we want everyone who enters our doors to feel welcome and comfortable. Our Greeters are the first friendly faces they see.

Grounds Keeping
Help keep the property outside the church building clean and maintained for all of God’s people who come to join us during our services.

Caring for God’s house is actually a “priestly” ministry (check out the Levites duties in Numbers 1:50-53). It brings honor to God.

We have multiple opportunities for volunteers to help the Kitchen Staff prepare meals year-round.

Lyrics Projection
This area projects the lyrics of the songs on the screen to help the congregation to come into unity to worship the Lord God.

It is our desire to care for the children in a loving and nurturing atmosphere that demonstrates the love of Christ to the children and their families.

Visual Production
Get involved in the weekly services in capturing sermons and making sure the Pastor/speaker is clearly seen wherever the Holy Spirit moves.

The Worship Team has the privilege of serving the Lord by helping lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord!